Differentiable Transient Rendering

Conference or journal: Siggraph Asia 2021

Date : 2021.12

Shinyoung Yi, Donggun Kim, Kiseok Choi, Adrian Jarabo, Diego Gutierrez, Min H. Kim

Our general-purpose differentiable transient rendering framework allows to compute derivates of complex, multi-bounce transient sequences with respect to scene parameters, even in the presence of discontinuous light and sensor functions. The figure shows steady-state and transient renders of a table-top scene with light coming from the left, then being bounced back by two off-camera diffusers. The bottom row shows the transient light transport scene derivatives with respect to the index of refraction of the red tea. Please refer to Figure 10 for additional results optimizing the index of refraction of the tea in the teapot, which in turn changes the speed of light.

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