Thomson TG

As one of the Indian participants selected for the PRIME project, I am ESR 10, and my research primarily revolves around the field of “Macroscopic Material Appearance Specification and Rendering.” I am fortunate to conduct my research at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), where I am under the expert guidance of Jeppe Revall Frisvad as my primary supervisor, along with the co-supervision of Henrik Wann Jensen.

My previous experience in Visual Computing, gained through a research internship at Phillips Reseach and my Master’s thesis on “A novel approach to shadow projection using GANs” at St. Joseph’s College Bengaluru, has equipped me with a deep understanding of the intricate aspects of visual computing.

In my research, I aim to accurately represent materials by focusing on their macroscopic scattering function. This involves exploring various methods and techniques employed in the industry. Through this endeavor, my ultimate goal is to contribute to the progress of visual computing and its applications beyond.