Predictive Rendering in Industrial Manufacturing


We are an EU funded training network for PhD students in Computer Graphics. Our topic focus area is Predictive Rendering: highly accurate image synthesis that can be used for authoritative previews of appearance.
Our main research areas are:

Improved Capture

capture techniques provide input data for the modeling stage, and are of critical importance in predictive workflows.

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Improved Authoring

working with both capture data and highly realistic material models is in some cases radically different from standard workflows, and needs research before it reaches the same level of utility as normal workflows.

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Improved Simulation

Simulations are used for modelling purposes, rendering simulates the propagation of light in a scene, and manufacturing techniques are being optimised via simulations of light interaction with the manufactured object.

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Improved Learning

The use of PR results in machine learning settings, and employing deep learning techniques for optimisation of the actual rendering pipeline, including capture, authoring and light transport simulation.

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Hiring Institutions

These eight institutions will in total hire 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) for the duration of their three year participation in the project, and will be in charge of their training plans. Seven of the eight beneficiaries are world-class universities and academic institutions, who will enrol the hired ESRs in their Ph.D. programmes. The eight beneficiary, Luxion, is a company in Denmark, where the Ph.D. training will be overseen by the nearby Danish Technical University, which is also one of the seven academic beneficiaries.

A detailed description of the 15 ESR job offers in PRIME can be found on the open positions page.

Project Partners

These institutions will host research visits from the ESRs in the project, and they will participate in training and dissemination events conducted by the network. Each partner institution will host 1-4 such ESR secondments: which partner will host which ESR is dependent on the research topic of each researcher, and is part of the individual training plan for each ESR.

PRIME offers an outstanding selection of world-leading companies and academic institutions as partners: both in the areas of rendering development and research (e.g. Chaosgroup, IST, EPFL), as well as industrial use of such technologies (e.g. Weta Digital, IKEA, Procter & Gamble). Interaction with these institutions offers the 15 ESRs unmatched opportunities to gain practically relevant first hand experience of real Predictive Rendering processes: their Ph.D. studies will not be purely theoretical, but consist of a mix of advanced research, and applying their research results in industrial environments.

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