PRIME Reading Group: Unizar Research Seminar

This Friday (December 16, 13:00-14:00 CET), Jeppe Revall Frisvad will give a talk on specifying object appearance using models of in-surface and subsurface light scattering at the Universidad de Zaragoza. If you would like to join this session, please use the following Microsoft Teams Meeting.Abstract: The appearance of an object is more than shaded visualization of its 3D shape. The appearance of every macroscopic surface position we observe is a result of light scattering in the microgeometry of the object. This presentation is on the influence of the microgeometry on the scattered light reaching an observer. We can feasibly solve Maxwell\xe2\x80\x99s equations in a small microgeometry of say three microns cubed, but full digital representation of the microgeometry and calculation of light scattering for an object measured in centimeters is infeasible. There is currently no standard for full digital representation of the appearance of a physical object. In addition, there is a significant lack of validation of the actual photorealism of computer graphics rendering techniques. With a focus on the role of the microgeometry, I will in this presentation discuss the challenges in specification and predictive simulation of the appearance of physical objects.If anyone has any issues trying to join the Teams Meeting, please let me know. Everyone is welcome to join including beneficiaries (ESRs, PIs, PhDs colleagues, etc) and partners.”

Start Time

12:00 pm

December 16, 2022

Finish Time

12:30 pm

December 16, 2022