PRIME Reading Group: Human Perception Session

For this session, Dario Lanza and Mi\xc5\xa1a Kora\xc4\x87 are going to moderate the discussion about Human Perception and Applications in Computer Graphics. Luckily for us, they managed to invite two remarkable guests: Ana Serrano and Rafa\xc5\x82 Mantiuk. Below you can find the agenda and the particular papers we are going to discuss:Agenda:Ana Serrano: overview of her work followed by a 15 Q & A. For reference, you can read her recent paper The effect of shape and illumination on material perception: model and applications (15:30-16:00 CET time)Rafal Mantiuk: a presentation on one of his last works Dark Stereo: Improving Depth Perception Under Low Luminance (16:00-16:30 CET time)

Start Time

2:30 pm

November 29, 2022

Finish Time

2:00 pm

November 29, 2022